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On-Line Utilities Account Access For Customers

Water & Utilities


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Arlington County's Click2Gov web application provides real-time access to your utilities billing account information via the Internet.


Account holders may verify their current utilities account balance, check payment history, or view summaries of billing statements and water consumption history for their home or business. Utilities account information is retrieved from the County's utilities billing system.


A link to the payment portal (CAPP) is also provided, allowing customers to pay their utilities bills online. No sensitive information is stored on the web server.


Account Number and PIN

Your PIN is located in the upper right-hand corner of your County utilities bill and is required to activate your on-line account.


However, if you don’t have a copy of your utilities bills, but you know your account number and the exact amount (dollars and cents) of your last utilities payment, it is possible to create your own PIN using Click2Gov. Choose the Create PIN option from the main menu. Enter the first 12 digits of your account number (012345-678901 format) and the amount of your last payment (123.45 format) to activate your Click2Gov account access.


In addition, customers who have multiple utilities accounts can use the Master Account feature to create a consolidated portfolio to view all their accounts from a single login.


Accessing Click2Gov

The homepage for the Click2Gov server is Click2Gov access is generally available to customers 24 hours a day.


Paying Your Utilities Bill

All utilities payments are received by the Arlington County Treasurer. Customers have a variety of payment method options that are described in detail on the Treasurer's web pages. If you'd like to pay your utilities bill on-line while reviewing your account in Click2Gov, click on the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the "Account Information" page. For your convenience, Click2Gov will pre-fill your utilities account number, last name, street address and payment amount (defaults to current balance due). If desired, you will have the opportunity to change the payment amount while on the Treasurer's portal.


Revised: 6/5/15
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