Frequently Asked Questions


Arlington County's Click2Gov application provides real-time access to your utilities billing account information via the Internet. To protect your privacy, a personal identification number (PIN) is used in combination with your account number to access your account information on-line. When you successfully login to the Click2Gov web server for the first time, you will be prompted to change your PIN. You must have a valid email address to complete the on-line registration process. If you don't have an email address, please contact our Customer Service Office at 703-228-6570, and we will activate your account manually.


How do I link to Click2Gov from the Treasurer's payment portal?

For the convenience of our registered customers on the Treasurer's payment portal, Arlington County has provided a secure pass-thru to Click2Gov. You have the same basic access as registered Click2Gov users to review your personal utilities account information on-line, and you can make payments on your utilities account by clicking on the "Pay Now" button while viewing the "Account Information" page in Click2Gov. When you register your utilities account on the Treasurer's portal, you're also automatically configured for pass-thru access to Click2Gov.


What account information is available for review?

The Click2Gov application provides a comprehensive summary of your utilities account. Your account services may include metered water and/or sewer services, curbside refuse and recycling services, and requests for miscellaneous curbside services. You may verify your current account balance, review your payment history, print out summaries of your current or past billing statements, and analyze your water usage patterns using the consumption graphs. The on-line system displays payment history for the past 18 months, and maintains three years of water consumption and utilities billing history for your review. Payment information is updated each business day. On-line data is available for most active utilities accounts. Some features may require 12 months of recent history to provide graphical analyses. During hours of peak system usage, it may take up to 30 seconds for our system to retrieve your utilities account history.


What is my account number?

Your account number will be located on any utilities billing correspondence that you receive from Arlington County. The first twelve digits (excluding spaces) of your account number are used for login. The last character (at position thirteen) of your account number is a check-digit (used for verification of your account number) when a payment is submitted. The check-digit should not be entered.

If your account number on your utilities statement is 012345 678901 A, then you should enter 012345-678901 (don't include the A). Note that there is a single dash (-) between the 012345 and 678901.

You may also contact our Customer Service Center at 703-228-6570 during business hours to determine your utilities billing account number.


How do I get a PIN?

Your initial PIN is automatically assigned by our utilities billing system. You may contact our Customer Service Center at 703-228-6570 during business hours or e-mail us at to receive your PIN. For security reasons, we request that you provide your account number or service address when calling or sending an e-mail request.

If you know specific information about your account history, it is possible to create your own PIN using Click2Gov. You will need to know your utilities account number and the exact amount (dollars and cents) of your last utilities payment. Choose the Create PIN option from the main menu. Enter the first 12 digits of your account number (012345-678901 format) and the amount of your last payment (123.45 format). If the information that you provide matches our records, you will be prompted through the registration process to activate your Click2Gov account access.


How can I use the Master Account feature to manage multiple utilities accounts?

Click2Gov has a Master Account feature which allows customers with multiple utilities accounts to create a custom consolidated portfolio from selected individual utilities accounts. After registering your first utilities account through the normal individual account registration process, you will see an option on the menu to create a Master Account. Your initial individual account will be added as the first account within your consolidated account profile. Your consolidated account uses a login name and password of your choice (case sensitive) which will be created as you go through the registration process to create your consolidated account. After completing registration, you should login using the consolidated account name and password that you've established. Use the Master Account feature to add additional individual accounts into your consolidated account portfolio by entering their utilities account number (012345-678901 format) and the PIN assigned to that individual account. By repeating this process for your chosen accounts, you will have the convenience of managing multiple accounts under a single Click2Gov login from the account selection screen. Avoid the hassle of remembering your utilities account number by using the Master Account feature to create an easy to remember login name to access your utilities account.


Paying Your Utilities Bill

All utilities payments are received by the Arlington County Treasurer. Customers have a variety of payment method options that are described in detail on the Treasurer's web pages. To view the Treasurer's payment page, click on Payment Methods Info. If you'd like to pay this bill on-line while reviewing your account in Click2Gov (Utilities On-Line), select the "Account Information" page using the navigation button menu. While viewing the "Account Information" page, click on the "Pay Now" button at the bottom. For your convenience, Click2Gov will pre-fill your utilities account number, last name, street address and payment amount (defaults to current balance due). If desired, you will have the opportunity to change the payment amount while on the Treasurer's portal.



Should you receive a message stating, "Sorry, we were unable to process your login information.", be sure that you have correctly entered your account number (using the proper format) and PIN (which is case-sensitive). Also see the next paragraph for information on hours when access to our IBM AS400 host system is restricted. If you have forgotten your PIN (and you had activated your account through the on-line registration process), click on the "Forgot PIN" option on the menu bar on the left side of the sign-on display.

The web pages transmitted by our server to your computer are pre-set to be cached by your web browser for five minutes (before the page content "expires"). Therefore your browser will automatically update the web page content from our server if more than five minutes have passed since you last reviewed a page. If you need to view a different account immediately after reviewing your primary account, you may need to use the browser's Refresh button to ensure that the new account's information is displayed. During business hours, you may contact our Customer Service Center at 703-228-6570 for assistance.


Scheduled system maintenance hours

Please note that on-line access to your utilities data will be unavailable for up to two hours when our AS400 host system is performing a weekly data backup. At these times, your login attempts will be rejected by the host system. This backup is normally performed between 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm every Friday evening. At other times, access to our host system is normally available.


Site Security

Utilities account information is retrieved from the County's IBM AS400 system. No sensitive information is stored on this web server. Please contact if you have any technical questions.


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